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Bordeaux Wine & Food Tours

Enter the belly of the city on our Bordeaux wine tours and Bordeaux food tours. We will taste what makes Bordeaux wine one of the most desired in the world. But it doesn’t stop at wine, as the city’s diverse culture has influenced the local cuisine to create some incredible delicacies using the finest local ingredients at Bordeaux’s numerous restaurants, cafes, and of course, the bustling market places.

woman smiling with white wine
marketplace filled with procude and food
tasting plate of sardines and white wine

Bordeaux City Tours

Get to know the city and its dynamic past a little better, from stories of its Roman occupation to the fascinating birth of its incredible wine industry. Bordeaux’s history is filled with plenty of drama and unforgettable characters, which our guides will teach you about. Learn about the medieval times, hear incredible tales from the Nazi occupation, and discover the remnants of the strong Spanish influence on the region.

fountain with statues of horses and soldiers
wide white cathedral with a red door
small statue of liberty

Alternative Bordeaux Experiences

See a side of Bordeaux often missed by the tourists on our varied and unique Bordeaux walking tours. Venture to the Bacalan to discover how parts of the city are being renewed with emerging cultural and art spaces. Enjoy a morning stretch in the park with our yoga class and earn yourself some delicious French pastries to enjoy with coffee and stories of Bordeaux. Or find eclectic works splashed around the city walls, while we discuss the emerging street art scene and how Bordeaux is making a name for itself.

green outdoor space with seating and a yellow sign featured image
group yoga class in park
street art work of a gorilla

Private & Bespoke Bordeaux Tours

Personalise your own Bordeaux, France tours on a private or custom experience with one of our friendly guides just for your group. Whether you’re looking for a different way to explore the city, want to spend more time wine tasting in Bordeaux, or enjoy more delicious produce on a Bordeaux food tour, Bordeaux Walks has something for everyone!

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